Electrical fire monitoring system in the Olympic venues of application
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Electrical fire monitoring system from investment market since the day from the extensive attention from all walks of life. Because in the number of China"s electrical fires long remains high, is already a influence the development of our national economy a nots allow to ignore to serious problems. In the fire supervision departments under the support of scientific research departments and manufacturers in the unremitting efforts, after nearly 10 years of development, electrical fire monitoring equipment has gradually entered the user, play a greater role, and gradually obtained relevant department and recognized by the society.

2008 Beijing the 29th Olympic Games will be an unprecedented sporting event, ensure the security of the Olympic Games is the primary problem to a successful Olympic Games. Effectively prevent electrical fire, guarantee the vast audience and athlete"s security and safeguard China"s national interests, is our fire sci-tech personnel obligatory responsibility.

The games were five venues and national conference center adopted HBZH - 1000 electrical fire control equipment, in order to guarantee the reliability and safety monitoring products, make the equipment really play their due role, we had prepared, elaborate design, elaborate manufacture, below the electrical fire monitoring system in the application of Olympic venues to do a simple introduction.

1, electrical fire monitoring system introduction

1.1 electrical fire monitoring system of component

HBZH - 1000 type electrical fire monitoring system by leakage (including current) probe, detection controller and monitoring equipment of three parts. Detection controller and leakage (current) to supporting the use of the probe. All need to monitor the circuit branch points are installed, detection controller are parallel at two bus, monitor equipment by a industrial control of a PC and peripherals composition.

Special management software can real-time dynamically show each decentralizing works, the officer on duty in the control center through the observation of computer screens will get all decentralizing work. Monitoring equipment has huge databases, able to store distribution system produces all cases of records, facilitate the staff query and analysis.

1.2 electrical fire monitoring system technical parameters and characteristics

1. The host work power: 220V50Hz

2. Standby power: power, not less than the seamless in eight hours (import mianweihu long-life matsushita batteries, and have a shorts-and-opens, / owe voltage, charging/after discharge protection)

3. Has boot self-checking function and random self-checking function and manual inspection functions

4. A mass storage database, can be in frequent alarm and operation circumstance, keep three years of all data, anyone can"t modify the "black" function.

5. Big screen 17 "CRT (or 11" LCD) displays, all Chinese displaying, simple operation

6. Has alarm and alarm indicator

7. Tertiary password at different levels of operation (can simplify)

8. Residual current Settings, is field superposition normal residual current value of setting (after on the site with this company produces the residual current generator) 0-2000mA Settings

Intelligent monitoring 1.3 distribution way

Each detection controller adopts single-chip microcomputer control, is one kind has the independent judgment ability of intelligent equipment, its according to the working current and creepage automatically determine whether early warning and alarming, etc, and through the second bus communication alarm situation report monitoring equipment.

1.4 two fieldbus communication

Two fieldbus communication is a form of fieldbus, communication protocol can open, so that with other communication system network. 2 bus communication distance is commonly 2,000 meters, need more distance can increase communication mode quickly, make communication distance multiplied, but communication time want to extend, general with no more than 4,000 meters as appropriate.

1.5 installation and commissioning

Simple installation is a product is a mature markings, in constant installation and exploration, HBZH - 1000 system of leakage (current) probe product formed two old series, namely closed-loop type and open-loop-type. Closed-loop type of leakage (current) probe magnetic circuit ceaselessly opening, detection precision (error: + 0.5 per cent), linear is good and the magnetic flux leakage small but not easy installation, Open loop leakage (current) probe magnetic circuit is disconnected, have certain magnetic flux leakage, and precision than the closed-loop type low (error: + 1.0%), but the ease of installation, so we should focus on different usage by choice. For reconstruction architecture, because for distribution system has been put into use, if the closed loop current probes, install, and must be de-lighted FeiGong time-consuming, and therefore more suitable for using the open-loop probe. For new building, it is more suitable for using closed-loop probe.

In order to make the equipment is installed in the field of debugging of convenience, we also developed a portable leakage current generator. The generator of leakage current can be at 0 to arbitrarily regulate, and 2000mA between greatly shortened &equipment commissioning time, increased the equipment reliability and use flexibility.

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